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Data About Plants! This is an experimental side project with the (eventual) goal of taking the mystery out of making specific plants happier, and helping humans find better plants for their particular needs.


  • Assemble detailed plant and plant-related environmental data under an open license.
  • Create tools to make that data useful to a wide audience, from hobbyist gardeners, to sustainability-focused landscapers, to automated plant-growing systems.


  • Prototype a useful tool. Likely a plant tag scanner for gardeners. The tool would consist of a phone app which can be used to scan a plant tag in a nursery, and query the database for more detailed information about the plant referenced in its nursery tag. This tool could be made very simply, and fleshed out gradually as we start keeping track of more data.
  • Decide on the most relevant plant properties to keep track of. Examples may include any number of plant characteristics, soil, temperature, sunlight, water, and huidity requirements, growth habit, growth rate, and possible toxicity.
  • Decide how to best capture local availability of any given plant. The sheer volume of plants in the world would make a plant-finder query tool fairly useless if the majority of the results couldn't ever be found by the user. Data on where specific plants are endemic is available to import from some larger data sets, but this doesn't really address retail availability.
  • Implement decisions, and create prototype tools to both access and add to or modify the data we keep.
  • Find larger open datasets containing relevant information, and import that data.
    • Inquire about relevant closed datasets

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