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To provide detailed plant and plant-related environmental data, and the tools required to navigate that data, under an open license. This project will focus on plant species and cultivars, their characteristics, and environmental requirements for the successful growth of those plants.

TODO List For The Immediate Future

  • Import relevant plant-related data from wikidata, maintaining the associations between their plant items and our local copies of those items.
  • Find larger open datasets containing information not already represented in wikidata, relevant to the cultivation and characteristics of specific plants. Import new cultivars and properties to our local wikibase.
    • Inquire about relevant closed datasets
  • Create an advanced plant search, which will be able to select on any property represented in our database. All search functionality should work both through manual entry via our website, or through a publicly-available API for automated data retrieval.
    • Return a list of plants that have specified environmental requirements and/or characteristics.
    • Support the lookup of all data about a specific species or cultivar. This should include plant characteristics (including toxicology), and environmental needs of that plant.
  • Make a new TODO list. Some likely candidates for that list:
    • The optional use of environmental sensors to identify both candidates for planting in a specific area, or to better refine environmental data associated with specific plants or cultivars
    • Taking a "zoonverse" approach to building and/or improving data imported from other sources (as in: the storing and analysis of multiple points of user-collected data to build a more accurate plant profile)
    • Adding species of plant pests and what they commonly attack
      • Adding species which drive off or eat pests that attack plants
      • Identifying species of plants which attract the species that drive off or eat pests that attack plants
      • New query mechanism for people with pest problems.
    • Cooperation with existing open projects that have similar interests, relevant data, or something that could consume data via our API.

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